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Applying eyeliner can be very difficult and time consuming. With

permanent eyeliner, a subtle natural look is created drawing a thin

line (or thicker if you prefer) on the upper and lower eyelid making

the lashes look fuller and eyes looking beautifully defined.

Most women struggle to get their eyeliner perfect – Permanent Make

Up changes all that.With this exceptional and very popular treatment

you can say good bye to your daily eyeliner routine for ever!


Real examples of our work:


Eye Lash Enhancement – This treatment is popular with both male and

female clients. The procedure brings light to the eyes when pigments

are implanted in the lash line. This gives more lift to the eyes enhancing

their beauty.Ophthalmologists recommend eye liner procedures for

people who have allergies to conventional cosmetics and contact lens

wearers.There are many different colours to choose from, ranging from

blackest of black to more subtler shades of olive green, sea blue, grey,

brown and even violet colours. We will talk you through the best and

most suitable colour options for you.



The chosen colour at first is 70%-40% darker than the healed result,

(because of epidermal cell renewal). In some cases colour can completely

fade depending on each individual which may mean a second visit is

necessary. Healing takes between 3-10 day’s depending on the area

treated. You would need to allow 4 weeks for the area to be fully healed.

All procedure’s shown are performed by Beauty Heaven.

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