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Lip Treatments



As we get older our lips shrink and lose shape, those of us who suffer with cold sores will also find a loss in our lips’ natural lines. Permanent Cosmetics can give your lips far more definition by using colours that enhance your natural lip colour…












For the more adventurous, a more dramatic effect can be achieved by using darker shades. Lip treatments can appear to change the size of your lips achieving an incredible natural effect. Reshaping your lips will make them look fuller.


The colour and shape are slowly enhanced and a detailed analysis is performed before the treatment. We carefully draw on the the lip line & will not proceed until this is perfect and you are completely satisfied with the shape and colour.



The chosen colour at first is 70%-40% darker than the healed result, (because of epidermal cell renewal). In some cases colour can completely fade depending on each individual which may mean a second visit is necessary. 

Healing takes between 3-10 day’s depending on the area treated. You would need to allow 4 weeks for the area to be fully healed.

All procedure’s shown are performed by Beauty Heaven. 

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