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Elite Russian Lash Masterclass 


Attending our masterclass will help you gain more confidence and learn beauty heavens top tips and tricks. By attending this course you can really take your lashing technique to the next level and progressing to become a master lash artist. 


While volume beginner courses build a strong foundation, advanced master training will teach you how to perfect your technique, how to apply eyelashes faster with speedy volume, you will learn how to achieve better retention, how to create mega volume and bespoke lash designs for each client. What suits one client doesn't always suit another. We will teach you how to make your clients stand out from the crowd. 


Who is this course for?

This course is for lash artists who want to get the most personalised training to excel themselves to provide the best service for their clients and run a successful business.




  • Must hold a Qualification in Russian Lashes

Course includes:

  • Health and safety
  •  Preparing the lashes
  • Tools and products
  • How to choose the right thickness and curl
  • Expanding knowledge in styling and mapping
  • Bespoke Lash Design  

Practical components: 

  • Live Models



You must be 17+ to attend.


We require a deposit with balance due 7 days prior to your course.


Deposits are non-refundable


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